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Why protect my heating system? 

As soon as a heating system is completed and filled with water, deterioration of the system begins. The combination of water, air, a mixture of metals and even installation debris and containments can result in internal corrosion, sludge formation in low flow areas and scaling of boilers and heat exchangers.

Symptoms include cold panels in radiators, blocked radiators, irritating boiler noises, a long recovery time after drawing off hot water, an indequate water supply and failure of pumps, radiators and valves.

These problems are not inevitable and good care and maintenance of a system and the addition to the heating system of a quality corrosion and scale inhibitor such as SYSTEMSAFE DM, will prevent and often cure them.

Systemsafe-DM carries the Buildcert/DWTA logo to show that it has passed a tough corrosion cell test in a laboratory independently monitored by Buildcert to ensure compliance.

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