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Energy Savings Tips

Did you know that the average household spends about £1,200 a year on fuel but could save about £250 of that by making the home and habits more energy efficient. Costs for heating and hot water are about 60 per cent of energy bills. The figures on this page come from The Energy Saving Trust.

  • Insulate Cavity Walls - costs £250 - saves about £110 a year
  • Lay mineral wool under your floorboards - costs £100 - saves about £50 a year
  • Fill any gaps in the floor or skirting board - costs £20 - saves about £20 a year
  • Fit a letter box flap - costs £12 (DIY) - will cut drafts
  • Fit a keyhole cover - costs £7 (DIY)
  • Fit foil behind radiators on solid walls - costs from £2 (DIY) - saves about £5 a year
  • Insulate the loft to 270mm - costs from £50 (DIY) - saves about £145 a year
  • Increase loft insulation from 50mm to 270mm - costs £50 (DIY) - saves £40 a year (if over 70 and/or on benefits, loft and cavity wall insulation could be free from your energy supplier)
  • Fit draft proofing around doors and windows - costs £100 (DIY) - saves about £25 a year
  • Add insulating lining to curtains and draw at night
  • Fit a roller blind behind a roman blind
  • Fit a hot-water tank jacket - costs £15 (DIY) - saves £35 a year
  • Set the tank's thermostat at 60 degrees celsius
  • Taking a shower, instead of a bath, usually saves a third on the cost of water
  • Insulate hot water pipes - costs £10 (DIY) - save that in the first year
  • Fit balloon in unused chimney to stop heat going up - cost from £20 - saves about £15 a year
  • Turn off lights
  • Buy an Eco-kettle - a good one costs from £30 and will save about £6 a year
  • Replace old G-rated boiler with A-rated condensing boiler with heating controls - save about £225 a year
  • Replace single-glazed windows with double glazing - could save £135 a year, although costs vary hugely
  • Turn heating thermostat down by one per cent - If you keep your bedrooms at 18 degrees celsius and the living areas at 21 degrees - save about £50 a year
  • Machine wash clothes at 30 degrees celsius - save £10 a year
  • Do not leave appliances on standby - save £40 a year
  • Fit energy-saving light bulbs - these cost from only £2 these days and save between £2.50 and £7 a year
  • Buy an energy saving washing machine - John Lewis sells them from £299 and their manufacturers claim they'll save £30 a year
  • Buy an energy-saving dishwasher - these cost from £219 and save £11 a year
  • Buy an energy-saving fridge/freezer - these cost from £229 and save about £38 a year
  • Dry clothes outside - this saves £15 a year and is free!
  • Fit an energy monitor - cost about £35 or some energy suppliers are giving these away for free
  • Buy A+++ appliances - as a rule of thumb, each extra + saves 10 per cent on energy

*NB : All of the above costs are estimated and vary depending on the size of your home and are intended only to give you an idea of the savings that could be made.

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